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National Suicide Awareness.

Count to 40.

In that time someone, somewhere in the world has taken their own life.

The suicide rate among young people keeps rising and something has to be done.
My best friend tried to commit suicide when she was 16, she won't mind me telling you this because she has come out the end stronger than ever. The darkness can be lifted, but some people don't stick around long enough to realise and the pain they leave in their wake is unbearable.
Most of you will have experience with depression. I know the majority of you guys who read my journal are suffering with EDs and SI.
I've read too many posts from people who ask if it wouldn't be easier to just take their own lives. They always say the same thing, easier for their families. No. Please don't tell yourselves false comforts. People love you, they have loved you and will love you. I know life is scary and things can change at the drop of a hat but who says thats a bad thing. There is always possibility, tomorrow you could meet the love of your life. Tomorrow you could smile for the first time in weeks, tomorrow brings hope. You can't ignore hope, it blazes too brightly to turn away from it.
There are people you can talk to, people are always on the other end of the phone. People who know what you're going through. People who care, because people do care. You are never alone, no matter how quiet it is, no matter how dark.

Treatment and Recovery Centres all over the world came together this month for national suicide awareness week which ran from 6th of september to the 12th. There is a lack of awareness of suicide as the major problem that it is, this is a worldwide problem and you can help address it. Everyone can!
No-one wants to talk about depression right? Its so ... depressing. The Taboo has to stop!
More and more people are speaking out about it, celebrities and academics alike and change will come.
Maybe one day we will reach everyone in time.

Number un

Blahhh its SUCH a lovely day i went into town to by presents today and to take my mind off the fact that i have a hunger headache :( im on my 400 day of the 2468 i have half a carton of soup and a slice of bread for lunch today so ive still got 100 cals spends left :D butttt im really craving diet cream soda, its my ultimate safe drink becauseeee its only 8 cals in 2litres!! wayyyy less than diet lemonade ANDDD it tastes like you're eating ice cream so it just makes me feel like im binging big but its all good i might have to walk 4 miles to the big supermarket to get some in a minute.... nevermind the fact theres a perfectly good minimart like 2 minutes away, its all about the extra exercise right? rightttt?? Helll yeh :D
Im in a strange mood today and i dont have enough mons to buy sleeping pills like i was going to today, i really cant sleep recently, it SUCKS big time!!! anywayyyyyy im off in search of soda :D x



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